Business Development Coaching

Beyond training and knowledge, lawyers need opportunities to convert concepts into practice and to develop sustainable skills in business development.  In order to help individuals achieve positive and measurable changes in behavior, we provide one–on–one personalized and strategic coaching in six, nine and twelve month increments. We most often provide coaching to lawyers including:

  • High potential partners looking to grow their books of business and increase profitability
  • New partners/counsel seeking to originate for the first time
  • Non-equity or service partners looking to become more independent
  • Women and minority lawyers
  • Lateral partners
  • Partners in leadership with management responsibility for the firm, practice groups offices or client teams
  • Senior partners in transition in their practice or their firm

We rarely coach only one or two partners in a firm. More often, we coach groups of five, ten or even twenty. Doing so enables partners to get to know each other and begin the process of cross-selling and collaborating in the kick-off workshop and in the monthly group calls and meetings. This also enables us to learn more about the firm, its clients and opportunities we can build into each partner’s strategy.