Client Service & Relations

Providing superior, seamless and consistent service to clients across law firms and client organizations has become essential to providing the level of value and satisfaction clients need and demand. Similarly, lawyers who want to hold on to and expand their representation of clients must systematically gain a deeper understanding of a client’s business and industry, anticipate needs and provide introductions to others in the firm who can help clients excel and achieve their business objectives. We help firms strengthen relationships with existing and potentially important clients, determine which might be best served by a client service team, help construct the team and identify leaders, and proceed through the process of research and development of key client action plans.

We provide client and customer service training to introduce and reinforce the mindset and approaches to help lawyers and staff excel at delivering exceptional service to their internal and external clients. These actions result in more satisfied and loyal clients, better profitability and a better working environment. Our client service and relationship development services include:

  • Client and firm value initiatives
  • Client service teams and plans
  • Client service training for lawyers
  • Customer service training for administrative staff