Strategic Planning & Retreats

Successful law firms are strategic and take time to plan for their futures, though some get caught up in the process and ideas of planning rather than the implementation. We help firms focus on the essential benefits of planning and develop plans that are grounded in data and research with goals and action plans that are executable and measurable. Our process includes the following phases:

  • Assessment: internal and external analysis of strategic issues, market and competitive trends, client input and lawyer and employee input
  • SWOT analysis
  • Goal-setting: vision, mission, objectives and financial forecasting
  • Create the plan and budget
  • Implement the plan
  • Evaluate and modify the plan

Our team has facilitated strategic planning, vision and culture and many other types of retreats for entire firms, partners, women or minority groups, associates, practice or industry groups, marketing departments and firm management. Our active involvement from the outset enables us to customize each retreat and to involve important stakeholders in the process from the start so that the retreat achieves specific objectives that are identified and supported by all those who need to execute follow–up strategies and initiatives.