Leadership Training & Coaching

Lawyers traditionally have not been taught leadership skills, and as things become more complex and challenging for law firm leaders, the “learn by doing or observing” method is not fully adequate. Lawyers need to learn the core competencies of leading oneself, leading others and leading the organization in order to fully reach their leadership potential.

Our leadership training programs are highly customized and designed to inspire, motivate and engage current and future leaders in order to optimize productivity and effectiveness, improve practice management and maintain high levels of client service. Training is supplemented with one-on-one and small group coaching to current and high potential leaders in six-, nine- or twelve-month increments.

When it comes to leadership, however, training and coaching isn’t always enough. Law firm leaders benefit from experiential learning, including supervised action learning projects addressing real management challenges. Our team helps firms identify leaders, develop a working case study to be researched and addressed and supervise a team of leaders as they create and execute a strategy to address the management challenge selected.