Leadership Succession Planning

The most successful partners likely have served in leadership positions in their law firms and in their professional and civic communities. As senior leader retirements loom ahead, firms need to develop effective transition strategies to capture and transfer the talent and knowledge assets of senior partners and empower and provide training to the next generation of rainmakers and leaders.

Many current leaders are reluctant to hand over the reins, often expressing concern that there are not adequate leaders in the generation below them. Others finish their terms as managing partners or other firm leadership roles without a roadmap to what they will do next, having reduced their client responsibilities in order to serve as engaged and committed leaders.

Our team advises firms on leadership succession programs to help them address current challenges and to put into place the infrastructure going forward to ensure that leadership development and transition becomes a management norm. We also provide individual coaching and support to leaders as they transition into other roles in the firm or to their next careers.