Learning & Performance

Both the practice of law and the business of law are changing rapidly and radically. The traditional approaches to producing and delivering high-quality work for clients are outdated and law firm lawyers and professional staff now need a much broader and deeper range of skills to catch up and keep pace with the evolving and competitive marketplace. In addition to legal skill development for lawyers and administration and business and operational skill development for executive and professional support staff, law firms must also provide training and resources to help its talent pool learn collaboration, leadership, management, project management and pricing, technology, financial management, emotional intelligence and a range of other skills. In addition, more formal methods of training and mentoring must be in place to ensure consistent development and advancement as well as the ability to evaluate performance and contribute to professional advancement opportunities.

The RainMaking Oasis team has experience in helping firms:

  • Design development and mentoring programs for lawyers and professional and administrative staff
  • Consider additional resources like eLearning courses and other modes of training
  • Develop performance review programs and processes for lawyers and staff, including 360 and upward reviews
  • Identify competencies required for success and develop core competency models used for both performance evaluation and promotion considerations
  • Design women’s sponsorship and mentoring programs