Recruiting, Re-entry & Lateral Integration Programs

Law firms today have to be creative and nimble in their recruitment practices, looking at alternative roles and employment options, remote workers, millennials who often have shorter longevity expectations and many other issues. Once hired, partners and employees at all levels need to be oriented quickly to their new firm’s policies, roles, performance expectations, culture and attitudes. RainMaking Oasis helps firms strengthen their approaches to recruiting and onboarding to ensure they hire the employees who best meet their needs and to integrate them quickly and effectively. We help firms look at both their lawyer and professional staff programs by:

  • Assessing current recruiting procedures for staff, associates and lateral partners
  • Developing recruiting criteria in alignment with organizational standards and competency models
  • Designing effective onboarding and integration programs
  • Advising on inclusion of attorneys re-entering the work force after hiatus as part of firm’s diverse talent pool