Workplace and Organizational Culture

Having a strong organizational culture is very important in today’s environment, as law firms face increasing competition in attracting and retaining clients and top talent while at the same time trying to achieve ambitious profitability goals in the face of rising costs and client push-back on rates and fees. Everything impacts workplace culture, from leadership effectiveness and communication, management’s ability to empower those they manage, workplace and employee policies and philosophies to mission, vision and values and how those are communicated and modeled.

The best firm cultures are able to attract the best talent, keep employees and partners engaged and committed and enhance stability and satisfaction. Firms that do this often enjoy greater financial success and longevity. To enhance workplace culture, RainMaking Oasis helps its clients:

  • Conduct assessments through focus groups and surveys and deploy feedback
  • Identify core values and alignment with business strategies
  • Develop short and long term strategies to deepen culture
  • Address work/life balance challenges
  • Develop policies related to workplace standards, as well as work/life balance programs to ensure best practices and competitive positioning
  • Review and assess current handbooks and policies to ensure compliance
  • Assess and recommend approaches for diversity initiatives